Thursday, July 10, 2014

Luxembourg, & the Family Run

Finally a day of sun, and we were back on the road, headed northwest towards Luxembourg. But be careful what you wish for, because along with that great sun, came tons of traffic and road construction along every route we took through Germany. 
We put the miles down and were still able to get into Luxembourg ahead of schedule. Which was a good thing, because our directions to Ed at High Chapparal were along some of the nicest roads in the tiny little country, but also a little confusing. People thought that there was no way we could've spent two hours on the roads in Luxembourg without accidentally going into Belgium, France or back into Germany. But we did!

Last view of Bavaria and the Alps

Luxembourg: cheapest gas in Western Europe!

Checking the route with our "gps"

Finally made it

Wicky, idiot, and Ed

Horrible time with the Rogues

Home for the weekend

A quick trip to Bastogne

Overlooking the Belgian countryside heading back to Ed's

Party, and then it was Hollands turn to beat Costa Rica in the World Cup. Wolf getting into the spirit. 

Rain forced us (didn't take much!) to stay an extra day and leave for Denmark and Sweden on Monday. Thanks again Ed for the great hospitality, and to the Rogues for another great time! See you all soon