Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our Week Off

After we got chased out of Austria from the rain, and finally made it to Kaufbeuren, our bikes were in dire need of some attention. The plan was to hang out in Bavaria for the next week to visit, wrench, drink, and... drink. 
The list of things to do on the bikes was long, and at one time, we even had my transmission apart, fuck. Parts got ordered, and Flo loaned us his tiny little car, and we were free to roam around the German landscape, enjoying beers in all the beautiful places!



And more Fun 

The mini monster, green weenie, micro machine, the green roller skate... 

The brain killer

We were in Bavaria for the USA vs. Germany soccer match. And yes we watched it, rooting for the good ol boys of course. Immediately after the match, a high speed chase through the neighborhood ended a couple streets down from us. As we passed, there were police with rifles at the backs of peoples heads, and I'm pretty sure it was the only two other USA fans in Germany. We kept our jokes to ourselves after that!

Bikes finally together, and the weather also back to some sort of perfection, we jumped back on the road to visit the Alps, Austria and the German farmlands. 

Back in Austria seeing what the weather had blocked from us the other day.