Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Like our last trip in Italy, the sun was shining, and the temperature was perfect. Unlike last time, the bikes performed perfectly. We only stopped for gas, some food, and a couple map checks. Other than that, there was nothing slowing us down...
Except maybe the Italian roads. One minute we are surrounded by the perfect Italian landscape, carving up the mountainside on a great curvy road, without a bump for miles. But around the next corner it turned into an abandoned mine field. Littered with potholes, the work of drunk paving companies, and a total disregard for anything on two wheels. 
It's like that older girl we all had in high school. When you're with her, it's perfect! Beautiful, smooth curves, you don't want it to end! But then, as soon as you turn around, she's out fucking some other guy! It can't be worse. As your going along, your cussing trying to hold on, telling yourself you'll never come back! But then, she's back! And you're sure this time it will be perfect forever! Ahh Italy.
Eventually we grow up, and move on (Croatian roads were pretty good). But we never stop thinking about Italy. And maybe it wasn't as bad as we remember...

Map check

Look who showed up! Met up with Andreas in Cingoli, followed him to his house for a beer, and then he led us to the port. Great to see you again buddy!

The endless clutch issue

First sight of Ancona 

Beer at the port

Croatia by morning