Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bon Voyage Le Bébé

The first time I did this trip, it took me almost 3 years to plan out. I knew I would do it again, but the chance to do it 2 years later is awesome, and without these two fuckers, this years trip would've taken a lot more time to get going. 
We all knew Clint had the early flight home, but with all deadlines of good times, we like to ignore all the signs of the end. And as always, that sun rises, and that time will come, when the party must end. 
Our party with Baby Clint happened to end in the middle of Italy. And after 6 weeks of meeting brothers from the road in Europe, and really closing the gap between the two continents, the world never felt so big, as Clint rode north, and Wolf and I could only watch and wave goodbye, as we headed further south. 
Clint, we'll see you sooner than you think, and we've got plenty of roads for you to ride for your next trip east!
Love you brother!
Die to Ride
Ride to Die