Monday, June 30, 2014

Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Austria, & Germany

It was hard to leave Slovenia, especially after a good nights sleep in our first hotel room of the trip! But after checking the weather reports, and remembering the last time I crossed the Alps through Innsbruck, we dragged ourselves out of bed and back onto the bikes. 
Back on the road, it was hard to think about sleeping in with the weather as good as was. 

Not so welcoming welcome into Austria. 

Off the highway and back onto another perfect back road. 

A quick road fix put us directly in line with another big storm as we approached Innsbruck. 

Couldn't see, no over pass to hide under, so the only choice was to wait it out in a rest stop. 

Back on the road, possibly a little bit better...? But still a couple hours from Kaufbeuren. 

Waiting for some firefighters to shovel cow shit off Fernpass road, as the ranchers led the cows to the higher elevations. 

Finally back on the road, getting ready to cross our final border of the day. 

The Alps and the storm behind us, almost home!