Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We left with Robert and Liek, and headed south east towards the alps and Punta Bagna. Great ride through small towns, and then finally onto the toll road to save some time and out run a storm. 
Punta Bagna was a pretty fun event, with a lot of good people, good music (Top Lock, Sweden!) and lots of food and booze. 
A tunnel somewhere in France 

The first of a couple downpours

Mountains! Finally

Another tunnel (there were a lot more)

Eating dinner with Jeremiah from Love Cycles. He's out in Europe riding around on a chopper he built, and then sold to a guy in Bretagne.  Pretty rad trip, and always great to see him. 

Top Lock

Heading back down towards Italy. The warm storm was long gone by now, and replaced by this motherfucker. 

Time travel: Frankino's shop in Chivasso, Chop Works

Alps in the background. Heading to dinner in the hills.